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Posted by: David Harper - 07/10/05 @ 10:06PM

After the last display, when I literally ran out of room in a fairly large church hall, I swore on that I would stop buying new pieces.

Then I remembered that I still wanted some signals. So I went shopping again. I now have about 30 odd signals, with another 10 on the way. While I was looking for signals, I also saw a genuine BRIO replica of the famous LNER Mallard engine and decided I wanted that, too. And when I realised that this would mean I needed a new turntable, I bought one of them as well, plus a third roundhouse to go with it.

I have now stopped buying again - thank goodness. I have a chronic shortage of storage space as it is, and these new acquisitions are not making the situation any easier. Anyway, when I get a chance I will post some pictures of the new pieces.

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